A universe of unprecedented complexity

The Game

Explore. Learn. Build. Hunt. Fight. Plant. Survive. Colonize. Take to the stars. RGZ (code name) will test your survive-and-prosper abilities like no game ever has.

The Framework

We’re excited to announce the existence of RETRO, our forthcoming simulation, strategy, and role-playing framework. RETRO is designed for gamers who enjoy games of deep skill and sprawling complexity, from the classic tabletop RPGs of the 1980s to the intricacies of Dwarf Fortress and Civilization.

The Books

Be the first to read our official strategy manuals when they’re published, including the Creator’s Grimoire, the Designer’s Manifesto, and the Adventurer’s Survival Guide.

Follow us on the indevious blog as we grow our universe from alpha, to beta, to full fledged production release.